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our hands are covered in cake but i swear we didn't have any


yeah... i wish i was there right about now kthnx

school work esque things are not so happy times and i can't muster up the concern

this summer/fall semester i'm going to be working at a wildlife sanctuary with little manimals! and that is a comforting thought.

the national are so effing good. jebus.

tonight, i get trashed and that is also a comforting thought given that yola + alcohol/nefarious substances = much more dancing&yays

and because everyone needs some pretteh and because i want to be a cigarette as a result of this. and yes everyone, boys should look like girls. that is all.

ps. those diet dr. pepper comercials embody how i feel about diet dr. pepper and that is good because i love sweets. and guarana makes me all nostalgia and happies with yummy pains in the tummy. i drink too much soda and my stomach is all "ow, ulcer" and i'm like "guarana, you burn my insides and i love you!"
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