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so i just read the back of my sister's medicated shampoo bottle, because i like to read labels, and it said if affected area covers large portion of body consult doctor before using. um, all i could think of was fur and robert downy jr. being covered in hair, who else would be afflicted with an affected area covering a large portion of their body?

i just bought velvet goldmine and domino on amazon so that's nice. who doesn't like attractive/emotionally fucked boys and a bloodied keira, i mean i know i do.

i'm going to go see 3:10 to Yuma tonight because i love westerns, and christian bale. besides i want to see a real remake of western.

eastern promises is going to be exciting because viggo mortinsen is too much and naomi watts is one of my bigger girl crushes.

the redskins are playing the dolphins, and they're winning. i'm happy it's football season.

i have to take a calculus quiz and then write some nonsense for my isp that i think i was supposed to finish.
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