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squeak squeak squeak says the capyabara

it's all aboot the nonsense

on page 481 of the deathly hallows harry "felt in his pocket for a wand... and selected the shorter of the two, which felt friendlier in his hand..." umm jk why must you embed penis innuendo so hard, because seriously are you trying to give a girl a heart attack/!?!???@W/  and yeah the shorter wand is draco's so take that. 

so i saw two of these psa's on disney and i kind of was wtf and then pretty teary because i love bambi and all the forest fires that have been happening have been hurting my soul or what's left of it..

and i've been in all day every day degrassi mode and it's so wonderful. the new season is going to cause so serious squeeing and yes emo is not a muppet, spinner. and manny has won my heart, i used to hate her so much but now i'm in love with ms. cuckoo bananas.

and yes my life does revolve around insignificant things.
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